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At DSKY we’re proud to offer a comprehensive range of tech consultancy services that work for you and your business. That means when you need to start scaling, we’re always ready. Just what you want to hear when you’re ready to make a real impact in your industry.


We work in collaboration with our clients as an extension of their existing team. Our flexibility means our clients can select appropriate team sizes and services as required. DSKY enables them to achieve their digital ambitions as cost effectively as possible.

We’ve developed a unique culture that’s focused on putting the results of your business first. Here are some of our consultants who make it happen: 

Greg Clark


Greg brings a wealth of knowledge and experience of the digital world having worked across multiple industries and products for the best part of a decade.

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Marvin Fraser

Product Owner

A goal-orientated professional with extensive agile experience and a highly regard Scrum Coach Accreditation, Marvin is adept at creating novel solutions to complex problems.

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We’re focused on delivering solutions and strategies that allow you to step into the spotlight and lead your industry like never before. To make it happen we will combine best practices with innovation and insights to ensure you get exactly what you need. This is our promise and we intend to keep it.



The DKSY was the computer interface used by astronauts for the Apollo missions. It was the worlds first computer display/keyboard (dis-key). The DSKY started as a lean prototype, based on a simple command solution that the astronauts could easily understand.

Some remarked that it wasn’t scientific or mathematical enough. Despite the odds stacked against it, the DSKY proved to be a reliable tool and contributed to every manned mission to the moon. From humble, linguistic origins to a memorial in the stars, the DSKY is responsible for the success of the Apollo missions.

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At DSKY Technology, we use the Apollo DSKY as our guiding principle. We understand the end user, we never overcomplicate, and we deliver robust, cost effective tech solutions sooner than you think. 

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